Monday, May 10, 2010

Drinking Season?

As the snow melts and the temperature rises the signs of the season changing are clear. With spring comes rebirth and with rebirth comes the beginning of many other seasons. From Golf and Tennis to America's favorite past time, Baseball, spring begins a new season. But when is drinking season? As I sit and contemplate my consumption I think about what season results in the most drinking for me?

Normally I would just say winter. I live in Minnesota and there is only two fun things to do when it's cold, drink and, well, you know. But the winter makes me sleepy, and icy roads make me think twice about having one or two and then driving. So while I definitely drink (and sometimes one too many) in the winter, winter is not where my largest alcohol consumption occurs. Next is spring, spring keeps me so busy. From house upkeep and yard work to friends and family, I am really busy in the spring. Plus half of spring is winter like conditions. Then there is fall. In the fall drinking is a must because it is the best way to tolerate family during the holidays. But that really just accounts for the times I am with my family. The rest of fall consists of turning down the yard, working hard, and preparing for the holidays. Fall is definitely not my drinking season.

So that brings us to summer. Well, I would have to say after thinking about it summer is my drinking season. It is when I am at my finest and do my best work. The summer results in a lot of time spent outdoors. From fishing and boating to picnics and deck parties, I am out enjoying the little bit of heat and sun we get here in the Northstar State. I find myself drinking lighter whites and I drink more volume to help cool down in our 80+% humidity summer days. Whereas in the winter I tend to drink big bold reds to warm up with an emphasis on high alcohol and lots of flavor.

It really isn't that weird when you think about it, all alcohol has a season. I love to drink Gin and Tonics (with a wedge of lime of course) in the summer when sitting on the deck enjoying a book or some friendly company. Inversely I love Scotch in the winter. It warms the soul and it makes a great sipper. I know alcohol doesn't hydrate, but in the summer time we tend to drink more cool beverages to refresh. It's not just limited to alcohol or sports, everything has a season, food included. I love soup in the winter time and I rarely eat it in the summer. I like Iced Coffee in the summer and piping hot in the winter. The list goes on.

So as I reflect and examine my alcohol intake based on the season I conclude that my drinking season is the summer. So it is with that statement I ask you, what's your drinking season?

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