Monday, April 19, 2010

Cru of 1000

With a week of being live under our belt we feel pretty good. It has been fun, chaotic and challenging, in no particular order. I got in to wine because I wasn't good with technology, now I find myself surrounded by it. I love writing scripts and being on camera, I would argue I am actually not too bad at it, but I can barely get the printer to do a double sided copy let alone shoot, edit and upload videos. Enter J.C.

J.C. is our Chief Technology Officer, he makes sure that everything works, even when it shouldn't. He is like a babysitter for binary numbers, when they get out of line he is so patient with them. He listens, understands and coaxes them in to doing what he wants. Not like me, I throw stuff and yell. And when I break it because I threw it, I yell more.

We have all logged a lot of hours trying to make this dream a reality. From JC's technology battles to Andy's Ecommerce project and my content, on-air, and production management, we are firing on all cylinders. The fun comes at the end of the day when we crack a bottle and laugh. The Chaos comes during the day when we are trying to complete tasks, and the challenge comes when we fall just short of a goal for the day.

We have a great team, and we have a lot of support. The people who stand behind us mean the world to us. We have all taken a risk and are believe in what we are doing. I jokingly tell my wife "this will make a good book some day." But to be quite honest, it really will. We are three guys working 70 hour weeks to launch a product that is in completely uncharted waters. We have faith that our passion and vision are in need.

With all of that being said we can't do it with out all of you. We need your help in spreading the news. We have put together a campaign called 'Cru of 1000'. We are trying to get 1000 friends to join the Cru Facebook page by May 1st. We realize it is an aggressive goal but we have such a great support network we know we can do it with everyone's help. If you haven't joined our Cru Wine Specialists Facebook page please do so. If you have we simply ask you to spread the word and let everyone know we would love their support too.

Thank you to everyone for following us, and for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about visit to see how we are revolutionizing the wine industry.
Until next Monday...Salut!

Nicholas Barth
Certified Sommelier
Wine Director
Cru Wine Online

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