Sunday, April 26, 2009

If I were a grape?

The grape that is the closest in resemblance to me would have to be Grenache. First, like me, the grape has many different pronunciations and names pending on where it is. For example with my friends I am Nick, this name is used in a place where I feel comfortable and warm. Much like the warmer Spain, where the atmosphere is a little more laid back and the grape is comfortable being called Garnacha. However in my business I am Nicholas, where I must remain professional and poised, as is the Grenache in the south of France where everything must “mean business.”

Like the grape I blend well with others. As a matter of fact some of my social groups may be perceived as elite, much like the extraordinary social group Grenache is in with the Chateauneuf-du-Pape region of France. While I prefer to be with others, and seem to do best under those circumstances, I can be very good on my own, much like Grenache. However some times I consume too much and tend to get a little heavy on the alcohol, similar to the grape.
Like Grenache I love food. I pair well with many dishes pending on the group I am in. And I too have a brother with the same name who could not be more opposite. However we come from the same roots and are found in the same general region.

I am able to adapt and form in to many different personalities. For example I am able to attend a rock concert and then go to live theatre. I am able to hang out in a dive bar, and can rub elbows with some of the finest at dinner parties. Much like Grenache, where it can morph in to an alcoholic rowdy single varietal South African wines, or is a light delight in Tavel. It can also make delicious dessert wines, or accompany lamb as a full-bodied dinner wine. In short we both have many different styles.

The most important characteristic Grenache and I have in common is that we both love to travel, but have a tough time making it out of our own Continent. However when we do, we love the sun and warmth. We are not as big of an influence when we are on the road but we have a good time and are generally liked by others, at least we think so. And most of all, we have a special place in our heart for France, a country that is deep in history and rich in tradition.

I would like to believe that the Grenache is good at heart, that it genuinely means well and wants to make things better, which is why it is able to be a team player in it’s home, the Rhone region of France. I would like to consider myself of the same attributes. All of these reasons make up the fact that if I were a grape, I would be Grenache.

Nicholas Barth
Cru Wine Specialaists
Wine Director

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